reThinking naZa 01 2016

reThinking naZa was a collaborative project with crazinisT artisT, who employed the participation of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Securities in his recent performance that exploits and questions institutional systems of power and authority; a process of investigating ‘military- neutrality’ in the socio-political humiliation of marginalized citizens.  

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Vertical Beings 2

  Steel bars in public and commercial building sites turn into endless horizons, concrete columns into tunnels toward celestial beams of light. A whirling staircase makes like the turbines that encroached the country’s cornfields at the dawn of independence. De-situated from their context, these images suggest a raw beauty amidst Brutalism; a sublime in the […]

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Vertical Beings 1

Reforming the fractals and infinities of urban architecture into fragmented poetic images. Hulking modernist structures constructed in the early decades of post-colonialism become lyrical impossibilities, turning urban architecture into boxes, a conventional hole that takes away the intimacy of the individual and clamps them onto floors of rooms.

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Home sweet Town

A documentary photo project of the very historic yet very much alive Town in Ghana, James Town. The Town that connects lots of lost souls in oceans deep and the emancipation of Black identity and history. 

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